is Canada's leader in converting slides and negative film to digital images, converting photos to digital images, scanning your documents, all onto DVD or CD. Offices located in Niagara On The Lake but serving St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Niagara Region, Toronto, London, Montreal, Halifax, and everywhere in between. © 2009
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Receive a 10% discount on the per scan price for orders of more than 1500 items. 

You don't necessarily need to go 4000 dpi, unless you might think a larger resolution will be better for you in the future. But, no matter what resolution you decide to go with, the image quality of the scans is the same. Resolution is just how large you want the image to be.

Please Note: You are welcome to select individual negatives to be scanned however there is a minimum charge of two frames per strip. We process additional film formats, please inquire about your specific needs.

At we are experts at converting your originals into high-resolution, high-quality images. With a combination of our experience, leading-edge technology, and high-end equipment, we are able to maximize the image quality of even the most faded or damaged original. Do you have home movies and videos that are fading away with every viewing? We convert from VHS, VHSC etc to DVD, no more eaten tapes! Contact us for pricing.

We have been handling digital images for decades (whether "Photoshoping" images in our teens, or creating professional commercial material) and we know what to look for. We use Digital ICE, a powerful technology that removes dust, scratches, and corrects fading, and helps us bring your images back to their original luster. Technology and high-end equipment help is vital, but our confidence comes from our experience and expertise. Here's a perfect example of technology and expertise work together to get the best image possible:

All scanning is manually processed to ensure the highest quality image possible. To learn more, click here.
We offer custom group file and folder naming. All content is saved on your disc in an organized fashion.
Content is burned on high-quality DVD's or CD's, and includes a case. There is no extra charges for this, and archive copies are available.
DVD/CDs are labeled using LightScribe technology. If you have any specific title you like to put on you your disc, let us know.
Your disc's are compatible with any DVD player that is fitted to play JPEG images. Also, our lowest scan is 1200x1800 in resolution. Your 1080p HDTV has a resolution of only 1080x1440; so all scans are HD quality.
We are confident that our work will meet your expectations. However, if it doesn't, please let us know and we will re-scan your images at no further cost.
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Receive a 10% discount on the per scan price for orders of more than 1500 items.
Now for the best part, we currently have a referral program that enables you to receive your order totally free! Once your order is completed, for each referral that completes a minimum 1000 item order the referrer will receive $25 cash back. (To a maximum of your original order value, after which gift certificates will be issued for future purchases/gifts.)
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