is Canada's leader in converting slides and negative film to digital images, converting photos to digital images, scanning your documents, all onto DVD or CD. Offices located in Niagara On The Lake but serving St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Niagara Region, Toronto, London, Montreal, Halifax, and everywhere in between. Copyright 2009
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Professionally convert your family slides and negatives into high resolution images. We also convert video to DVD!

Convert your complete photo album into professional digital images.

Get started now! See our packing instructions and contact us with any questions.

We are confident that the level of service and quality of our work will meet your standards. However, for whatever reason you find that our work or service is not what you expected, please let us know and we will re-scan your images, at no further cost.

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Why Preserve?
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Small is Beautiful
We are a small business, and pride ourselves on the fact that we can compete with big guys who over-charge for a service that should be affordable. We still feel that we don't have that cushion to lose a customer, so we strive to offer great service and great scanning. It's simple: we asked would we use this service ourselves? Are the prices fair? Would we tell a friend or family about this? We're glad that we can say yes, and we thank all of Canada for their interest in our services.

Quality, Expertise, High-End Technology
There is a reason Canada keeps calling and PreserveMyPictures is proud to offer the highest quality film and photo scans to Canadians, at a great price. Every slide, photo, and negative, we handle is processed manually to ensure you get the highest results. We consider ourselves as professional technicians in image scanning and digital capture, and use the leading edge scanning/capture technologies to process your originals. Our customers choose us because they trust their originals will be handled carefully and professionally.

Since we only specialize in slide, negative, and photo scanning, we are able to offer the LOWEST prices. How? Since we put all our resources only into scanning, we've designed a business model that makes it feasible for us to charge what we do.

A Unique Service
Before PreserveMyPictures was a company, we scanned our own family's slides, negatives, and photos. We simply wanted hi-resolution digital images that we could 1) preserve the memories for current and future family, and 2) see again because the we didn't have the old equipment to do so. We put the same personal touch into every scan we do for a customer.

Labelled DVD w/case - FREE
All orders are saved on high quality   DVD/CDs. Each DVD/CD comes with
a case.

Labeled DVD/CD Discs
We custom label your DVD/CD. This way your DVD/CDs
are labeled and

Standard File and Folder Naming
We will make sure that your files are saved in an organized fashion. Label and group your originals, and we'll take it from there.

Professional, High-End Scanning
With a combination of our expertise, experience, high-end equipment, and Digital ICE, we guarantee that you'll have the highest quality scan possible.

High-Definition Images
Convert your originals into amazing 2 to 18.5 megapixel JPEG images. All images are in HD.
Future Proof Your Originals
Your images can be saved onto your hard drive, emailed to friends and family, and archived.
Designed For HD
View your images as a slide show on your HD TV.
Please look around and see how we can help you with your scanning project. You can always talk to somebody right away by emailing
Let Preserve My Pictures help you convert your family slides, negatives, and photos into professional, high-definition digital images and photos.
  Does the thought of scanning thousands of images yourself seem as appealing as sitting on a cactus!
Send us your photos, albums, slides and negatives. We scan and digitize them so you can preserve, share and enjoy them now, forever!  To find out how you can get your order free click here.